Leipers Fork, TN

If you are ever driving around in Nashville, TN and you’ve grown tired of Broadway and hanging out in the city, you could take a short drive to Leipers Fork. Located about 20 minutes from downtown and nestled in the middle of nowhere, Leipers Fork is the home of the famous Puckett’s Grocery. From what I could tell (and it was pretty dark when we arrived on a cool November Saturday night), the town is a little under a mile long and has a few places to eat, an antique store, an art gallery and a few other small businesses. It’s not a very large area but that’s probably the appeal for the rich & famous who litter the countryside here in the Nashville area.

For my trip, I went with a few work friends and ate appetizers at Puckett’s while watching a jazz band called “Storm Kings.” Then we slid over to the “Country Boy Restaurant” where we enjoyed some fried green tomatoes and the Elvis Pie, which is peanut butter with bananas deep fried and served with ice cream. Aaaaand that was my calorie intake for the week. Needless to say, Leipers Fork is a quaint little town and it’s not easy to find, but if you ever get the opportunity, you should drop by and take a few hours to hang around. You never know who you might see there…

This is about it…

Storm Kings at Puckett’s


The Country Boy Restaurant

The Elvis Pie. Trust me…it’s good! And so healthy! (or not)

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