All He Wants For Christmas Is…Seriously???

This man is a little confused…

Gotta love the holidays! The decorations were up 3 months ago, the music has been infiltrating the airwaves and commercials and I am counting the days to “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (even though I own it on DVD). And now is the time for the kids to make out their lists so that we can check it once or twice and hope that Santa understands that we are trying to make ends meet. Anyway, with Christopher getting older, I imagined that there would be all kinds of things that he would be asking for. Here is the list I IMAGINED would happen…

  1. A new bike (preferably a Harley)
  2. A smart phone
  3. The latest and greatest computer games
  4. Under Armour Sweatshirts
  5. Under Armour shirts
  6. Sweat pants
  7. New Nike Jordan shoes
  8. A fish
  9. A hamster

So expecting this list, I was mildly surprised and more than a little taken aback when Steph shows me Christophers list and it consists of the one thing I would NEVER have guessed.

Here’s the thing, you see. When I was a kid, I wanted ALL the good stuff. I wanted cassettes and a boom box and a new basketball and some new toys and a video game system and if I got one or two of them, I was a happy puppy. But NEVER, EVER…in my youth would I have EVER asked for what my son is asking for Christmas this year.

Steady yourself…

He wants socks.

I kid you not. And not just regular white socks but NBA socks and Nike socks. And he wants certain colors.

Of socks.

I have to be honest…I dunno what to say. I was all set to see this list and then say “No, no, no…absolutely not!” but I’m thinking that there’s not much I can say in this situation. What am I supposed to say? No…you can’t have socks?!?

In all my years, this may be the most ridiculous request for a Christmas gift that I’ve ever heard…but if that’s what the boy wants…who am I to deny his request? So yes Christopher…this year Santa will be bringing you socks. I’m pretty sure THAT won’t be a problem. I just hope this doesn’t come back to bite me down the road…

“Remember that year that all I wanted was socks Dad? Yeah…well…now I want a new car!”

It’s gonna happen…I just know it.

Oh yeah…and he wants a new football. Geez…aren’t the socks enough?!?!

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3 Responses to All He Wants For Christmas Is…Seriously???

  1. Amber says:

    He is truly the perfect son. Wonder where he gets it? ;P

  2. Mikael says:

    That is probably the cutest thing ever… he wants the one thing that is on most people’s blacklist of Christmas gifts. Haha!

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