Talking Seattle…Again…

Puget Sound

Oh…I know. I’ve written about Seattle time and time again (specifically here, here and here). But there IS something about this city that just does it for me. Don’t know if it’s the cooler but not freezing temperatures. Maybe I just like rain? Is it that everytime I come here I have a good time just walking around the city, finding fun shops and visiting some of the tourist traps that don’t really FEEL like tourist traps? Is it because I have friends in Seattle who welcome me everytime I visit? I don’t know. All I know is I love coming here and maybe if I lived here I would get tired of the rain and the traffic (which is kind of bad right now with viaduct construction) and the…well…I imagine there are other things I COULD get tired of but whatever. My point is…as a infrequent visitor (although I’ve been here 3 times this year. Once for a U2 concert, twice for NFL games.), I totally love coming to the Emerald City and I can’t wait until the next time I get to come back! Here are some photos of this week’s visit. As always, thanks Seattle for another great trip!

CenturyLink Field (aka The Clink) formerly Qwest Field

The Needle From Olympic Sculpture Park

“Father and Son” and the Sound

Hammering Man artwork on a cloudy day

Christmas In Seattle

Fish For Sale!

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