The Misadventures Of Buddy The Elf

Our elf friend Buddy has paid us a visit this holiday season. And with each passing day he gets a little more comfortable.What started out with him hanging out on our mantle or on a shelf (hence the title “Elf On The Shelf”) has now proceeded to more…engaging…locales around our little home. Here are a few situations that Buddy has found himself in…

First appearance on the tree…

Uh…hanging out with Barkley?

Hey! Get outta that stocking!

Buddy Is Musically Inclined!

Apparently he loves animal crackers…

and marshmallow cream.

Almost a painful situation!

Oh yeah…Buddy is in love…

Needless to say, Buddy has been quite creative in his visits and has found ample opportunity to get himself into a little mischief. Here’s hoping Christmas gets here soon before Buddy & Barbie elope to the Bahamas…

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1 Response to The Misadventures Of Buddy The Elf

  1. so funny. marshmallow cream is my fav 🙂

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