Criss Cross Country Sauce

Let’s start the weekend of Halloween, shall we? Because that is when things really started getting a little crazy for me. Oh I realize that I don’t travel as much as some people and for them, this particular month or so would be nothing, especially if they live on the west coast and have to fly east every weekend (which happens for some friends of mine), but this is MY blog and so I get to discuss MY schedule and for ME…this has been crazy!

Friday, October 28 – Fly to Seattle. (3 hours time difference from east coast time)

Seattle Sunset

Sunday, October 30 – Red eye home so I can be home for Halloween and go trick or treating with my kids. I dress up like a zombie and I feel like one also…

I enjoy a week at home until Friday, November 4 – Travel to Nashville (for the 4th time this NFL season) and visit Leipers Fork. (1 hour time zone difference)

Random shot flying into Cincinnati. Just ’cause…

Monday, November 7 – Fly home to Cincinnati, leave airport for 5 hours, return to airport and fly to San Diego. (3 hour time difference)

San Diego has pretty clouds

Friday, November 11 – Fly home from San Diego, have another 5 hour layover, have dinner with my family, kiss my kids and then off to Kansas City! (1 hour time difference)

Kansas City also has pretty clouds

Monday, November 14 – Return home from Kansas City.

Tuesday, November 15 – Fly to Denver. Do the Tebow. (2 hour time difference)

Actually…this was taken in Kansas City…but you get the point…

Friday, November 18 – Fly directly to Cleveland. (Yay! Eastern Standard time!)


Monday, November 21 – DRIVE from Cleveland to Cincinnati because, quite frankly, it seemed like the thing to do…

THANKSGIVING WEEK! No working! Buuuuut…drive to Zanesville Tuesday afternoon. That’s a 2.5 hour drive. (Same time zone…thankfully)

Saturday, November 26-27 – Browns @ Bengals. Stay home and work?!?! Yes!!! And the Bengals won! Good times…

Tuesday, November 29 – Fly to Seattle…again. (3 hour time difference)

Look ma! The Space Needle!

December 2nd: Back in Cleveland again. And driving home once again. (4 hour drive)

December 6th: Off to Pittsburgh (where I got to celebrate my 43rd birthday) in the house that Ketchup built…

December 9th: Home for a few hours for a birthday dinner with my family and then BACK on a plane to Baltimore where I get to see the Colts lose again (that’s 14 in a row) to the Ravens.

Baltimore sunrise

December 13th: Off to Atlanta to fight the traffic and work the worst Thursday night game since…whenever…as the Falcons annihilate the Jaguars 41-14.

A Georgia Dome sunset

December 16th: Off to even warmer climates. The Arizona Cardinals take on the Browns for my 5th Browns game in 5 weeks. Good times. (2 hour time difference)

Phoenix  from the air

Arizona ALSO has pretty clouds…

December 20th: I drive to Indianapolis (which is now in the eastern time zone)  and then I’ll go back to Nashville on December 23rd for the Saturday Christmas eve game and then drive home (that’s 4 hours) and then mercifully it all grinds to a halt.

Overall…that’s a helluva lot of miles and plenty of time sitting in an airplane/tv truck/car and I gotta tell you…


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2 Responses to Criss Cross Country Sauce

  1. Amber says:

    Just be careful please.

  2. Al says:

    Will do sis! And I’m not kidding…I DO love this job! 🙂

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