My Family’s Top 10 Best Things About 2011

At Amen Corner At The Masters

2011 was a good year! I dunno if it was a “great” year but for the most part, there were many reasons to celebrate and so…drum roll please…here are MY personal Top 10 things that happened in the year that was 2011 that were…like…totally excellent!!!

10. A Trip To Keeneland
For our 11th anniversary, Stephanie & I took a bus trip with 30 or so of our best friends and gambled on some horses. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time! And winning some money off a horse called “Six Pack Abs” was the capper to our day…

9. 32 Stadiums & Gold Status
It’s silly, I know…but this year I finished up my run of NFL stadiums at the Super Bowl in Dallas. I have officially been in all 32 NFL stadiums now so…I guess I have to set my goal a little higher and shoot for all the major league baseball stadiums now. As for all my travel? I managed to get Gold status on Delta for the 3rd consecutive year which means I worked WAY too much but no long lines and the occasional bump to 1st Class from time to time next year makes it all worth it! Yay for me!

8. Stephora
Stephanie decided it was time to get back into the workforce and she jumped at an opportunity to work at Sephora, a very popular cosmetics store. I’m not sure if she has made a profit at this point but I DO know she gets a decent discount on all their products. I imagine her working there is a lot like if I took a job at ITunes…

7. Spartans Win The Super Bowl
Christopher’s football team rolled along this past winter, losing only 1 game and eventually winning the Midget Super Bowl in our region. #10 wasn’t a starter but when he got on the field, he kicked some serious butt! Here are some highlights of his season…

6. Ava Gets Her Cheer On
For the first time, Ava got to cheer on the Spartans officially as she became a Spartans cheerleader. She LOVES cheering and with the gymnastics classes and the games, she got a lot of practice in and got better & better as the season rolled along!

5. I Won An Emmy
Yeah…I got a statue. And it sits in a corner in our dining room. It’s heavy and has pointed wings that could maim you if you get too close. But it’s a nice gesture for all the years I’ve been doing this and it is an even bigger thrill that my family got to share it with me (and apparently so did my mom’s Bingo friends, my brother’s co-workers, my Dad’s golf buddies, etc…).

4. Vacation In The Outer Banks
Once again we returned to the Outer Banks for fun in the sun. We swam just about every day, played putt putt and ate lots of seafood. And the good dog, Barkley, joined us for our trip! It was a lot of family fun and we appreciate the fact that our relatives own a great home there and let us borrow it for a few days.

3. U2 In Seattle
I made a trip to Seattle this past June with 3 of my best friends to see my favorite band perform in my favorite city in the country. The weather was beautiful, the company was awesome and the show blew my mind! It was a great time and all 4 of us have decided that we are gonna do it again this coming year…in New York City!

2.The Bulldogs Win The Pennant!!! The Bulldogs Win The Pennant!!!
Christopher’s Knothole team cleared the table this year, coming through in some tight moments and winning the best of 2 series finale. It was a great season filled with exciting games, plenty of rain outs and many hours spent with friends. I’m hoping this year is filled with the same (except the rainouts. Those kinda suck.)

1. Stella!!!
As much as I DIDN’T want another pet, it’s hard to deny the personality of our new addition. Little Stella came into our lives and has since become a family member. I can’t imagine life without her and despite my grumblings, she has become very dear to my heart. But Barkley is STILL “the good dog…” LOL!

To add to my year, I’ve also managed to cut back on my nail-biting habit, both of my kids played basketball (Ava for the first time), I had yet another back problem and now my toes are all tingly on my right foot, Ava is still rockin’ the violin and…hmmm…well…that’s about it. But with all of that, it was a VERY full year. Here’s hoping 2012 is maybe a little LESS hectic but just as successful! Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

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4 Responses to My Family’s Top 10 Best Things About 2011

  1. Thomas Smith says:

    Thanks Alan for all the wonderful blog posts, the disks that you burned for me (they have been the soundtrack for my life) and the wonderful memories of Seattle. Looking forward to finding some time to do the New York thing but remember that my girlfriend’s twin sister is getting married June 21st so we are tied up around then unless I can find a way to combine it. Let’s keep in touch about scheduling! Love you Man!

  2. Amber says:

    Glad you had a good year, Alan. Here are my tops in no specific order: 1 Found out I was pregnant. 2 It’s a boy! 3 Visited Mom and Dad in Florida. 4 Went on a cruise through the Caribbean. 5 Went to Chicago. 6 Spent tons of time with Chris because of the vacations. 7 Erik’s first Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween where he really got it. 8 Everything Erik did and learned (it would take all day to list). 9 Got to hang with Mom a lot this summer. 10 Best of all, I spent everyday with Erik. Love you!

  3. Amy Derry says:

    Awww. I Love this Alan. Happy New Year to you and your family and a very special Happy Birthday to a very special lady. Looking forward to sharing more good times with you all in 2012. Happy New Year.-Amy

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