South Bend, IN

Recently I had the chance to work in South Bend, IN. I really wasn’t expecting there to be much to do however I was pleasantly surprised that there is a lot of local flavor and plenty of photo-worthy places to see, especially on the campus where there were so many famous places to visit which included the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the Grotto. Here are a few photos of my visit…

The Grotto

The Place Where “Rudy” Was Filmed (at sunset)

For dinner, I HIGHLY recommend J.W. Chen’s. For our visit, the owner, Jean, came over to our table and helped us pick our meals. She recommended some great selections and we picked 4 dishes and a couple of appetizers. For MY money, the spicy fish and the almond shrimp were awesome! But I can also recommend the spinach pork and the won ton soup! Excellent food and my co-workers and I were quite content with the entire meal…

Sari & Jean got along wonderfully!

If you’re not in the mood for asian cuisine, there is also Polito’s Pizzeria Restaurant. But I have to warn you…go there with an empty stomach because the portions are OUT OF CONTROL! Get a dish with the vodka sauce (which is unbelievable) and try the homemade salad dressing. The service there was also very good and our waitress was funny and easy to chat with. I can honestly say I probably gained 10 pounds on my 2 day trip to South Bend but it was deliciously worth it! Thanks to Sari & Phil for allowing me to join them on their “foody” dining experiences…

It may not LOOK it…but DAMN it’s good!!!

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