3 Long Days…

I might look chipper now…

Before I get into the meat of this story about my weekend, let me preface it by telling you my ORIGINAL schedule. First, on Friday, I was going to drive to Lexington to prep for the UK mens basketball game that was to air on Saturday for CBS. Our game was at noon so I figured I would be able head home after the game, spend the rest of the evening with my family and then on Sunday hop on a plane and head to Mobile where I am working for NFL Network and their coverage of the Senior Bowl. Suffice to say…my weekend was thrown into a loop when I got a phone call…asking me to work the AFC Championship for CBS on Sunday. So…after much planning and rescheduling…my weekend went like this…

DAY 1 (Saturday): Alabama vs Kentucky (in Lexington, KY)

6:30am – Crew call

Noon – Tipoff

1:15 – My graphics machine locks up and the clock on the scoreboard isn’t working! Gotta reboot!

2:45 – Kentucky defeats ‘Bama 77-71 but there for a second it was looking like overtime (which had everyone who was traveling out that day a little nervous).

2:50 – Follow our police escort out of Lexington to the airport. Our producer was driving and the escort was rolling along at about 90 mph. Needless to say…I’m wide awake now!

3:15 – Board plane for Detroit. Layover for about 2 hours.

7:30 – Plane departs for Boston

10:30 – Arrive in Boston…bags take FOREVER to arrive.

11:30 – Arrive at hotel and in bed by midnight.

DAY 2 (Sunday): AFC Championship (Baltimore @ New England) in Boston

8:30 – In lobby at our hotel

9:00 – Crew call

3:00 – Kickoff

6:30 – New England wins 23-20 when Baltimore shanks a field goal to the left with :07 seconds remaining in the game.

7:15 – Tear out begins and lasts FOREVER…

11:00pm – Back at hotel and asleep by 11:15.

DAY 3 (Monday): The Senior Bowl North Practice Show in Mobile

3:30am – Good morning! In the lobby and heading to Logan International airport.

6:00am – Flight leaves on-time!

9:15 – Arrive in Atlanta and have a coffee.

9:30 – Flight delayed a half hour.

10:45 – All aboard and heading to Mobile!

Noon – Land in Mobile, get my bags, grab a cab and head directly to Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

3pm – Live show on the air. Got most of what I needed done and just in the nick of time!

Needless to say…this weekend was a whirlwind! The Kentucky game was great, the AFC Championship had an unbelievable ending and so far, Mobile has been…well…a little more relaxing (to say the least). That being said, this is just a small sample of my life. It’s no wonder I am constantly feeling like I am a gerbil running in my wheel! But if there is one thing I CAN say…it’s that my life is never boring! So this week I’m in Mobile, then next week? Well…

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  1. Amber says:

    Nothing to do with your post, but I am commenting from my new droid razr. 🙂 It’s sweet.

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