Super Bowl XLVI In Indianapolis

Finally…a city that can do justice for an event as large as the Super Bowl. Seeing as how Indianapolis has been home to the Final Four, the Indy 500, the Big Ten Championship, NBA Championships and a wide variety of conferences for  large corporations, it was about time this city got the chance to host the biggest event in America. And I’m happy to report that from everything I heard it went very well! Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of it because I was working some crazy hours for the NFL Network and also because of my sciatica flaring up something awful, I basically went from work to hotel, hotel back to work without actually getting to see everything that Indy had to offer. But there was excitement over 2 things this past week…the weather was incredible (60’s in February? Nice!) and the fact that everything was so accessible. From the NFL Experience to the Media Center at the JW Marriott to the Super Bowl itself, everything was located right downtown and within walking distance so once you parked your car (with parking ranging from $20 to $100!), you could pretty much see everything. Except for some of the crowds at the free concerts being a little TOO big, everything went without a hitch! And the game itself was a classic to boot! Here are some photos I took while hobbling from hotel to work…

Getting the stadium ready for the big game!

Madonna on the NFL Net Media Center set

Bengals rookie QB Andy Dalton on the air at Radio Row

Super Bowl Village was a HUGE success with a zipline and plenty of attractions

I managed to snap a shot of me AT the game in the 3rd Quarter. Eventually the Giants pulled the upset by winning 21-17 over the Patriots…

Madonna’s performance was pretty flashy!

Seriously…next year I won’t be able to get HALF the roman numerals in the shot!

Oh yeah…and next year? The Super Bowl is in New Orleans! Should be all kinds of fun there!!!

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