Texts My Kids Sent Me

So we got our kids ITouches for Christmas last year and they LOVE them! The only problem is…they have no texting etiquette! So now, I’m CONSTANTLY getting texts and pictures and short videos and just about anything they can throw at me which is fine…except when I’m working and my phone is blowing up with blurry dog pictures and texts like this…

And then there’s Christopher, who gets a little more detailed in his texting but still some of it gets lost in the translation and it drives me a little bit crazy at times…

So there ya have it…the start of communication between myself and my kids. I imagine that this will be the way I talk with them from here on out because Ava has even started texting me when she’s in the living room and I’m in the kitchen! And we ALL know where this heads. Gotta be on your toes at ALL times! LOL

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