What The Heck…Sugar Pills?

I hate being sick. And it has been noted that MOST people also hate being sick. So when I say I hate being sick, this should not come as a surprise. Recently I have been “sick,” but not in a “I’m gonna toss my cookies” sort of way. My malady is sciatica and for the past 7 months I have been dealing with it in full force. I’ve been to see my family doctor and my orthopedic doctor and a doctor who only works on shoulders (remember THIS post?) and each and every one of them tells me the same thing…this issue is not gonna go away. If you have it, there’s really only measures you can take to try and hold it at bay as long as possible but eventually I’ll probably have to have my spine ripped out.

Just kidding.

Actually, sciatica is a pretty common problem these days and there are a few ways to keep the issue under control. The first is stretching. Stretching is NOT my strong suit because I am as inflexible as they come. But stretching is HUGE when it comes to this issue. The second help aid is massage or acupuncture. And lastly, lots of ice, followed by heat, followed by ice again and so on and so forth…

The things that DON’T help AT ALL over an extended point & time are drugs. Taking anti-inflammatory medications for a very short period of time doesn’t help for more than a short  period because sciatica pain is so immense, it is hard to control with painkillers. So if this is the case, why is it that I am continually buying drugs for this problem? My family doctor prescribed a couple of drugs for me. My ortho prescribed some drugs for me. And I’ve bought all of them EXCEPT for a pain patch that was selling at Walgreen’s for $225?!? Forget that! But I have tried cyclobenzaprine, hydrocodone, naproxen, orphenadrine, prednisone and oxycodone and NONE of them really helped. Why is that, I wonder? I imagine if I’m gonna pay anywhere from $25 to $100 for these drugs, you’d think I’d get SOME KIND of relief. But noooooo…the pain keeps on shooting down my leg and I can’t imagine why I even bothered to buy all this crap. As a matter of fact, my insurance doesn’t pay for ANY of this stuff. Maybe the insurance companies know it’s a bad rap and have said they’re not gonna go along with it! They are taking a stand on the use of these “drugs” (aka SUGAR PILLS) and they aren’t gonna help endorse them anymore!

Sure…I’d love to think the insurance companies have me in mind but guess what…I still buy them. And they do nothing.

Last week a friend of mine told me that she suffers from sciatica and she is doing yoga and taking glucosamine, chindroitin and MSM. I have no idea how you pronounce this stuff but apparently it’s good for your joints. How this is supposed to help my sciatica, I have no idea. But you can bet your butt I’m gonna go buy them to see if they work because there’s a part of me that wants to believe that SOMETHING has to work, right? Not all of these modern medical miracles can be for show, can they?

Or…can they?

Either way, none of this stuff is working and the only relief I am getting is if I do it myself. I gotta stretch, ice, heat and massage with a little acupuncture (which ain’t cheap. $135 for my first visit!), maybe I can whip this thing for a little while. But I’m a little nervous that I’m having to deal with this issue while in my 40’s. It would have been nice to get through this decade without having to deal with any kind of health problem but whatever…we all have our issues. Guess it could have been worse. I could have had unlimited kidney stones or angina or been pregnant. And THAT would have been weird…right?

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4 Responses to What The Heck…Sugar Pills?

  1. My brother had back surgery while in his forties. He was so glad he did and said it was “no big deal” compared to the ongoing pain he’d been in. (The key – as always – is having the best doc you can find.) He put it off for as long as he could. Then one day, he flew to Hawaii to vacation with his family. He couldn’t get off the plane. He was in too much pain to move. They had to call paramedics.

    He scheduled his back surgery.

    Drugs don’t help my pain either. Sometimes it will slightly take the edge off – that’s about it. It sucks. I take one pain pill in the evening just to take the edge off enough for me to sleep. The rest of the time I go drugless.

    I know you’ll probably think I’m making this up but Moxxor has helped me more than any drug. I don’t know if it would help you or not. I was VERY skeptical, but in less than a week I saw a HUGE change. Yes, I still have pain … but it’s definitely improved. A lot of my readers have bought it and so far they’ve ALL told me they feel better on it. (One fibromyalgia woman told me it hasn’t helped her pain but she “feels so much better and has so much more energy” on it. She just reordered anothet bottle. Aaaaand … it’s good for you. Might be worth a try. It’s certainly cheaper than a lot of drugs. Also, it isn’t a drug – it’s something every doctor/nutritionist in the world would say you should be taking anyway.

    Think about it – it couldn’t hurt and it might help. : )

    (There’s a button in the sidebar of my blog – you can click on it to get more info/order.)

    • Al says:

      Yeah…I’m thinking I’m probably gonna be in line for surgery also. I had an epidural this week and it has helped but I still can’t feel my toes on my right foot and I’m always worrying about injuring myself more. I’m too young to be having these kinds of issues (in my opinion). If I can find a couple weeks, I think I’m gonna try to schedule the time to get worked on and hope for the best. As for the Moxxor, I will look into it. I’m assuming I don’t need a doctors prescription to get it? I’ll check it out at my local Walgreen’s this week!

      Thanks Suzanne!

  2. Amber says:

    Chris’s new doctor does not suggest surgery. Maybe down the line if it doesn’t get better but not so soon. He started pt, got his epidural yesterday and a couple of days ago he started a new drug called gabapentin. It is not a narcotic but instead blocks only nerve pain. It seems to work very well but has a lot of side effects so I need to watch him. He could not believe the difference the first pill he took. Today after his first shot and therapy his pain is greatly reduced and he is excited for the future. We love this new doctor. You should ask about the medicine he is taking because the surgeon even said the narcotics do virtually nothing for the pain because it isn’t muscular and they are designed for muscular pain. Love you, Alan.Hope you can get some rest and healing time soon.

    • Al says:

      My orthopedic wouldn’t prescribe me any narcotics because he’s worried that I might get addicted. Seems I’ve been taking so many different things and nothing has worked so really other than epidurals are my only prayer until I decide whether to get surgery or not. Sounds like Chris found the right combination for himself. If it was simply a slipped disk, the epidural(s) should be more than enough to elp him for now. But if the disks are degenerating (which happens with age), he might need more done later. Hope he’s doing well and I can’t wait til I get to get home and see you again sis! I imagine when I do I will be an uncle again! Love you!

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