Daytona Beach & Golf World Village

This week I’m in St. Augustine, FL (or close to it) and I’m working at PGA Entertainment headquarters, which is nestled in the friendly confines of the World Golf Village and conveniently located somewhere between Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Since it’s in a place pretty much all to itself (very little to do, few restaurants, a grocery store, 2 gas stations), I’ve titled this area “Nowhere, FL.” I imagine this is similar to what Bristol, CT was like before ESPN moved there. Well…apparently they built this Golf World here thinking it might help the area to grow. So far, I don’t think that is happenin’. Anyway…I’ve been sick as a dog all week and I can’t recall EVER being sick like this on the road. Now I know I’ve had my back problems to deal with and that’s no fun & games either, but last night after work I went to get in my car and had these uncontrollable cold shakes that really freaked me out and then I went to lay down in my hotel room but couldn’t because it caused me to cough uncontrollably. So…I slept sitting on the little couch they have in my room and managed to get a few hours rest but it hasn’t been fun, that’s for sure.

All My Meds and Cold Stuff…

Aaaanyway…before I was stricken with the Sars, I managed to squeeze a quick trip to Daytona Beach to see my folks and have a delicious all-you-can-eat rib lunch with them at Sonny’s BBQ. It’s some good eatins over there at Sonny’s, so if you ever get a little hungry, I recommend it. Here are some photos of this week’s lovely trip to Nowhere, FL…

The Golf Hall Of Fame

The Caddy Shack

Where I Be Workin’ At

Steve & Chris Get Ready To Listen To Me Cough Some More…

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  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your time in Daytona Beach.

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