The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year!!!

March Madness is here! And what a tournament it SHOULD be. With ALL of my favorite teams making the field, I should have plenty to cheer about this season. Now it’s just a matter of placing them in one of the various sites in the tournament. For MY money, I would LOVE to see my Ohio Bobcats in Louisville, KY. That is where I will be for CBS this tournament and tonight is the Selection Show that will fill in all the blanks. For me, the Selection Show is a lot like Christmas because it does 2 things…

  1. It tells me what teams will be playing at my designated site.
  2. It tells CBS where it’s gonna send it’s production teams and usually I hear from one of my co-workers Sunday who we will be working with. This is always fun because we find out who our director, producer, graphics coords, etc will be.

So watching the Selection Show is a LOT like opening presents on Christmas morning. You already know you’re gonna be getting something from grandma…you just don’t know what it is yet! So here’s to the Ohio Bobcats (who won the MAC tournament), the Ohio State Buckeyes (who face Michigan State AGAIN for the Big Ten title today), the Xavier Musketeers (who play St. Bonaventure for the Atlantic 10 title today), the Cincinnati Bearcats (who lost in the Big East Championship to Louisville) and to the Kentucky Wildcats (who face off against Vanderbilt for the SEC title today). Possibly 2 of these local area teams could get a #1 seed in the Dance (Ohio State might be the long shot but if they beat MSU today…it could happen!) and I’m hoping to see possibly 2 of them in Louisville for the 2nd & 3rd rounds! That would be awesome!!!

Gotta LOVE the Madness!!!

By the way…anyone see the sweet uniforms the Bobcats wore last night in the MAC Final? Cool threads, OU…

EDITORS NOTE: So…the Selection Committee has done the most SENSIBLE thing and placed Kentucky and Murray State in Louisville. But unfortunately Ohio isn’t there. They are, instead, a little farther southeast in Nashville where they SHOULD get a decent turnout as they face the HATED Michigan Wolverines! I say they can win that game just like when they beat Georgetown a couple years ago! Go CATS!

As for the rest of the teams I’ll be watching, Marquette will face whoever wins the BYU/Iona matchup in Dayton, Kentucky faces off against whoever wins the Mississippi Valley St/Western Kentucky matchup (who WOULDN’T want to see 3 KY teams in Louisville?), Colorado St is up against the Racers and in the “who gives a crap matchup” of this site, Iowa State vs UConn. So…not exactly the best Christmas ever but it’ll do. And if there ARE 3 Kentucky teams playing, it should make for some good crowds in Cardinal City!

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