Sushi! & A Smart Cookie

Tonight we all piled into the station wagon (with the wood siding…remember those days? LOL) and headed out to Ava’s favorite buffet place. The reason she likes it so much? The sushi…of course. And since no one else could decide (I didn’t care, Christopher wasn’t that hungry & Steph just didn’t want to cook), we went with Ava’s gut. And I gotta tell ya…when the girl is hungry for sushi, get outta her way ’cause she had a craving of epic proportions tonight!

So we get to the buffet, order our drinks and Ava takes off. I see her somewhere between the rice and the egg drop soup and she already has 3 or 4 different foods on her plate and she hadn’t even stopped at the sushi bar yet. After filling my plate, I head back to our seats where Christopher and Stephanie are seated and eating. I look around and I kid you not, I see Ava at the sushi bar, literally eating stuffing sushi rolls into her mouth!!! It’s an all-you-can-eat bar! She can go back all she wants but she is EATING AT THE BAR?!?!

So I call out to her and she looks over at me and smiles with her mouth full of sushi roll and I can’t help but laugh at her. What a great kid she is…and what a sense of humor!!! And what a stomach for sushi!!!

After dinner and a quick round of sushi sword fighting, the waiter brought us some fortune cookies and Christopher’s said this…

I’m not sure if this was meant for Christopher or for me but it works either way. I told him he should frame that because honestly…it’s the most truthful fortune cookie I’ve ever seen!

Oh yeah…and here’s what sushi sword fighting looks like…in case you were wondering…

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