A Quick Florida Vacation


The best part about spring break is my kids get to recharge their batteries and enjoy a little downtime from homework and school. The bad part? Spring break falls on a week during a little event called The Masters. This, in turn, is an issue because I make some pretty good bank working in Augusta, so for me to NOT work it would mean a pretty hefty financial loss. This year though, I was able to get to go on vacation for a couple days and enjoy some quality time with my family AND several of our friends and their kids! Needless to say, if you have kids and are looking for a good place to hang your hat for a few days, the Edgewater Condos in Miramar Beach ain’t a bad place to go. I only got to go for a couple days but managed to see the Kentucky Wildcats win the NCAA National Championship (which made my fellow Kentuckians very happy. I was rooting for the Buckeyes but Kansas knocked them off in the semifinal), got a case of sunburned feet AND enjoyed searching for seashells with Ava. All in all, it was 48 hours worth the trip. I set my phone/camera down (for the most part) so I could relax however I did take a couple pics and my friends sent me a couple from a luau they had later in the week that I was unable to attend that I HAD to share! Enjoy!






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