Double Digits!

Of ALL the birthdays my kids will be having, this is the first of the big ones for Christopher. Turning 10 is like reaching a milestone that you’ll never reach again. You go from 1-9 and have single digits and then…you have to wait another 90 years before you go triple and you’re back to where you were at the age of 1 (you know…wearing diapers and such). So hitting double digits is a big thing! When asked if he felt any different turning 10, Christopher’s response?

“Yeah…I feel A LOT older!”

So we have been celebrating this historical moment for a little over a week. He had a birthday party with his buddies (who are all turning 10) a week prior to his birthday date, he managed to weasel an expensive pair of headphones out of his mom & I (you don’t wanna know how much we dropped for these bad boys…), pitched in a double header ON his birthday, had sushi for his birthday dinner and got a lot of money from friends and neighbors so that he can buy a pair of shoes that he’s been eyeing that are the “hot new thing!” Here are some photos of this week-long celebration that ends today with doughnuts for his entire classroom…

Hope the teacher doesn’t hate us for jacking up the entire 4th grade with sugar!

Yahoo! We’re OLD now!

Birthday dinner

Birthday Cake Pops!!!

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