The Crazy Train Is Derailed


Well…you remember the challenge that was initiated by my brother. He built his “Court of Dreams” and then challenged me to a game of 1-on-1. There were multiple texts and much hype but what it all came down to was this….

I got game.

Oh I know I’ve lost a step…or two. But the one thing I’ve got that Frank just refuses to understand is a jumpshot. From everywhere. It’s the strongest aspect of my now limited game so I used it on this night and Frank just couldn’t find an answer. Oh sure…he has a sweet sweeping hook shot going to his right and a nice little fadeaway bank shot drifting to his left but there is NOTHING he can do to stop me when I decide to launch from the right side, the left side, fading left or right, with my right OR my left hand. And even on his home court, which is set up much like a cage match with a fence surrounding the court and a giant tool shed behind the basket (which really limits my not-so-quick first step to the basket), Frank couldn’t stop “The Shot” when I decided it was time to put the game away. So I pulled up my old school socks and we played, immediately following a nice ribs dinner with french fries & salad & watermelon & macaroni & whatever else he came out with. It should be noted that Frank decided NOT to eat before our game in a genius play that didn’t quite work in his favor. But the dinner WAS quite tasty and after some corn hole with Dad, Chris & Amber and a scary attack of nasty yellow jackets that left Ava with a sting over her left eye, we got underway.

Game 1 saw a flurry of activity early, which left us both winded a little. But with the score stuck at 2-2 for a few moments, we finally settled down and got into a groove. I managed a small 3 point lead which went back & forth for a while but when the smoke settled, I managed to eek out a 21-18 victory. At this point, it was too early for the victory fireworks to be set off so we decided to play another one. Hey…ya gotta give the guy something to hope for…right?

Game 2 saw Frank attempting to get HIS jumpshot in play but failing miserably. So I hit a few jumpers from the right side, then a few from the top of the key. But I avoided that left corner of his court. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get a good flow from that corner so…I moved it around a bit. A couple quick drives and I had Frank completely befuddled. Was I gonna shoot a jumper or drive? What would I do? Well…it didn’t matter. In the end, I sank an over my head shot that left the crowd cheering for more and I once again walked away the victor, 21-19.

With my head-to-head lead at 2-0, we decided to try one more game, this time only playing to 11, win by 2. Honestly, I don’t even remember this game. All I know is that it ended with me hitting a left-handed scoop shot to finish off the night, 3-0. So…is Frank’s “dream” over? Will he finally accept that I have his number despite that one fateful day so many years ago when he beat me on the fadeaway jumper? I guess we shall see. We have all summer and with a visit in July looming, I’m sure there will be more backyard basketball to be played. However I CAN say this…10 years difference doesn’t matter when you can shoot from all over the court…and weigh about 30 pounds more. So Frank will have to practice a little bit more AND eat a few more hamburgers before he gets my number. I dunno about his jumper but I can guarantee that the extra pounds will happen eventually. He’s only 33. I give him a few more years and he’ll understand what I’m talking about. Lol!

20120531-232244.jpg Frank got smoked TWICE on this evening..

20120531-232435.jpg Mom was ready for the hoops action!

20120531-232541.jpg “Put me in coach!”






20120531-232932.jpg Frank preps for the big game



20120531-233228.jpg Let’s just say…we’re BOTH winners! (’cause it’s the nice thing to do…)

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