Prince…NOT Prints

Ok…maybe I can see where there MIGHT be some confusion…

So the musical education of my children continues. Of course, Christopher is into the rap music and Ava is partial to all the Disney tunes right now, but occasionally I try to mix in something that they haven’t heard in order to try to get them to come to their senses. So tonight we were driving back from a fun family outing and I had the radio on and a Prince song came on. I took the opportunity to educate Ava in all that is Prince…

Me: Ava…this is Prince.

Ava: Prints?


Ava: Oh…PRINCE. I thought Prints would be a weird name.


Me: This was a popular song when I was a young boy. I thought it was a pretty good song.


Ava: Dad?

Me: Yes…

Ava: Is it a boy or a girl? ‘Cause it sounds more like a princess.

Me: (changing the channel) Nevermind…


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