Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Top 10 Networking Sites)?


I’m officially worn out. At first it was MySpace. MySpace was cool because it was my first launch into social networking. Granted…it was originally set up for musicians and bands and then somehow got overtaken by people like me, all setting up our own pages even if we had zero musical talent whatsoever. But then along came Facebook and ever since it has been a literal barrage of sites that claim to be the next…BIG…THING!

And I’ve pretty much signed up for all of them. I’ve gone and jumped off the cliff and it’s too much. And so…I’m giving up. I’m pulling the plug. Not on THIS site obviously because this is more of my own writing and I enjoy writing and I’m hoping someday my kids can go back and read up on their dad and his journeys and opinions and thoughts. They’ll also be able to see how THEY have grown up and how much I love them.

No…I’m giving up on networking sites. Not ALL of them…but enough of them that I thought I would list the Top 10 sites that I am currently on, whether I’m going to stay on them and why or why not I’m staying or going. So here you are…and may the best sites win!

10. Path
For whatever reason, this network is predominantly a phone app. You can upload videos, pictures, tag places you’ve been or list music you’re listening too. I use it enough when I’m on the road and I like the ease of it. Plus…I have yet to see a slew of people bombarding it with posts so…I’M STAYING!

9. Instagram
Oh how I love the pretty pictures and there are obviously some pretty talented people out there who know how to use photography apps to give their photos lots of nifty effects and colors but for the most part…this is a bunch of people I don’t know showing off their editing abilities and quite frankly…I can see MY friends do that on Facebook. I’M OUT!

8. Pinterest
It’s for girls. I’M OUT.

7. Tumblr
Yes…I have a Tumblr account. No…I don’t visit it very often however I CAN post to it from “Path” and I do mostly post pictures there so…I’M STAYING! For now…

6. Twitter
Ya know…I’ve NEVER gotten into Twitter. I guess I’m just too old to understand the appeal. I don’t follow famous people or athletes and I don’t really care about every waking thought that pops into your head so…I’M GONE! But…don’t take it personally…mmmmkay?

5. Google+
I had such high hopes for Google+ and maybe THAT was the problem. It’s NOT Facebook and I don’t have the necessary IQ to understand the “circle” system so…I’M OUT!

4. LinkedIn
Everyone’s favorite resume drop spot, I admit that I probably visit this site more on my IPad than I ever have on my IPhone. And I almost NEVER visit on my computers so I imagine that on the IPad this site will remain one of my more traveled networking sites so…I’M STAYING!

3. Foursquare
I have a Love/Hate relationship with this site. It’s fun when I travel but for whatever reason I find it frustrating when I’m in the same place for work or simply hanging out at home. This is a tough one for me because it DID have some fun elements working for it but I find that Path is replacing it for highlighting where I am (as if anyone cares) so…it is with great sadness that I say ADIOS FOURSQUARE!

2. MySpace
The grand-daddy of them all! It was my initial foray into social networking and I still retain a site even though I visit maybe 2 times a year (for whatever reason). It’s hard to part with what got me going in the first place so I think I’ll keep it around…for those rare times when I’m bored and want to go back to see when the LAST time was that I visited. I’M STAYING!

1. Facebook.
Oh c’mon now. Through update after update, I have hung with this site and it continues to be my most visited and most status heavy networking site. And so it will remain because, quite frankly, almost every person I have EVER come in contact with is a member and I doubt there will ever be another site where everyone joins soooo…FACEBOOK STAYS!

There you have it! I’m not going to take the time to go and delete my accounts. I doubt that is necessary. But if you are attempting to get a hold of me or if you are curious to what I’m up to, odds are…visit Facebook. I may not be on there as much as I used to be but I find that when I have a few minutes and I’m bored, it’s an easy time filler!

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