What Happens When I’m Out Of Town…

When Dad is away, the family likes to play! Or so the saying goes. This week, I’m in the Quad Cities for the John Deere Classic and as the days have gone by, I’ve been receiving photos from my wife as events happen. It has ranged from having guests spend a few days to…well…here’s some photos to give you some idea of what happens when I hit the road.



Christopher got his haircut

Ava got her haircut


Steph’s friend, Mary, came to visit

Aaaaand we have a new edition to our animal collection!

Needless to say, they’ve had a busy week! Oh well…I can’t say anything. I’ve managed to squeeze in 4 movies during my time here so…ce la vie!

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1 Response to What Happens When I’m Out Of Town…

  1. tonyburkhart says:

    That is awesome! I love happy family moments like that… and the kitty is cute 😉

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