Seriously? Enough With The Cute Kitty Pictures…


So we have our new kitten and I have been posting pictures on Facebook that I have tentatively entitled, “Ridiculously Cute Kitten Pictures Of The Day.” With all the craziness in our world happening right now, I figured no one would take offense to our little Reese in all of her cuteness. Surprisingly, I had a few people get a little vocal about the pictures, saying I have lost my edge and I’m caving in to the cuteness.

It is true. She IS too cute. I mean…just LOOK at her…








Have you ever seen a kitten so damn cute? It’s ridiculous. Seriously…

And yes I’m aware that I have used the word “cute” in various forms several times in this post and I’m not even gonna apologize for it…

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1 Response to Seriously? Enough With The Cute Kitty Pictures…

  1. Sara Hurst says:

    You should see Twerp who rules at Hurst House!

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