While working in London, I had the opportunity to travel to a little spot where druids danced and sacrificed fair maidens in exchange for gold from aliens. Oooooor something like that. Whatever went down at Stonehenge in 2400 BC (approx), it had to have had SOME meaning because this unusual wonder is in the middle of nowhere. Literally. Nowehere. Located about 2 miles outside Amesbury, it sits in the middle of a giant field littered with goats and crops and you have to wonder how man (or woman, I won’t discriminate) managed to haul these 45 ton stones out to the middle of nowhere? It IS a mystery and it was fascinating to see in person. Here are some photos of my visit. I traveled with a friend on our wrestling crew and we met a new friend (who happened to be an airline stewardess) on the bus ride out to the site. I’d like to thank Kris and JC for making this trip a lot of fun on this beautiful, August day in England!



20120804-110119.jpgShooting the “Heel”

20120804-110209.jpgKris took a bite of Stonehenge





20120804-110552.jpgYes it did!!!

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