Busy, Busy, Busy

Reese Cup Doesn’t Seem To Have ANY Worries…

Life is moving along at a fast clip these days. Let’s break it down…

  • Summer has ended so the kids are back in school. This means homework. Lots of it.
  • I spent 3 weeks total overseas in the last month (London & Dublin) and I’m completely jet lagged.
  • This weekend is my 25th class reunion when all my high school friends will get together to get caught up and compare paunches. Totally looking forward to that!
  • Our house is currently under repairs after a water valve broke in our upstairs bathroom and left 3 floors flooded. The home insurance covered the issues however we wanted to have the upstairs bathroom redone anyway so now the bathroom is being completely removed to give Stephanie & Ava a bathroom that is fit for 2 queens.
  • Next week we are having 9 piers placed around our home to keep it from moving so much. With that repair, we should be able to keep our house in tip-top shape and repair some cracked walls and work on some other odds & ends that have been bothering Steph and I over the last few years.
  • Ava is playing volleyball and cheering for the Spartan Pee Wees team.
  • Christopher is playing basketball and is the starting QB for the Spartan Junior Youth team.
  • Stephanie is working at Sephora and is team mom for Christopher’s football team.
  • This Monday I start my NFL schedule. I have 26 games in 17 weeks. No problem! (yeesh)

Needless to say…we’ve been slightly swamped. With people coming in & out of our house to work, the kids’ schedule all over the map, MY schedule all over the map and Stephanie doing her best to keep everything in order, it’s a little overwhelming! But we’ll pull through and hopefully everything will be back to normal sometime in…oh…say…January?

Here are some more photos. Just random stuff from the last month or so. Just because I feel like I’m neglecting this little blog here…

Ava’s 8th Birthday Party: A Manicure With All Her Friends!

#10 Is Ready To Play!

My Volleyballer

First Day Of School (3rd & 5th Graders!)

Is this even ALLOWED in the animal kingdom???

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