What The Heck…Razor Blades?

I bet they didn’t shave Marty’s head with a cheap razor…

Everyone complains about gas prices and the milk prices and the cost of living and so on & so forth but you wanna know the REAL ripoff these days?

Razor blades.

Today I went to the grocery store because I had left my shaver at my parents’ house and I needed a new one for my travel bag (I still want my old one back Mom!). There, in the shaving goods aisle, were 15 or so different versions of shavers and about 30 different types of razors and disposable blades. So…as you can imagine, being the cheap bastard I am…I went looking for the cheapest, high-end brand shaver I could find and you know what? There aren’t any!

I don’t know what is going on between Schick and Gillette but apparently these 2 companies are trying to outdo each other for the amount of blades they can squeeze onto a small rectangle so they can continually jack up the price of a single razor! Almost all the new shavers have 4 to 5 blades, all kinds of strips and there are even a couple that need batteries?!?! What is going on???

A while back, I tried getting the cheap, throwaway razor while on the road and the damn things almost ripped my face open. I looked like a zombie walking through the lobby of the hotel. I think I may have scared a few of the kids hanging out in the lobby! So buying the cheapie $1 razor is out. But $4 for a blade? Really? Isn’t there another option?

Well, there are…but just not at my local grocery. Sometime last winter, a friend posted this video on Facebook…

I dunno what this is all about, but the Dollar Shave Club seems like a pretty good deal after staring down a box of 15 blades for $37.99 at my local Kroger! But why has it come to this? Why are these necessary items so expensive? And do I really care?

No. I don’t care. I just want to be able to enjoy a nice, clean shave without chopping my face up in the morning. So I’m seriously considering joining the Dollar Shave Club. Seems like a pretty good deal and if the product holds up, I won’t have to worry about jacking up my grocery bill every time I need new blades. But razor blades are a sham. We all know it. And that is why I’m so irritated about it. According to Quaora.com, most blades cost a total of .40 to produce. So Gillette then turns around and overcharges the consumer so that they can advertise like crazy, flooding the market with commercials and creating a stranglehold on the market for shaving goods. So really…WE are to blame because we see a commercial on tv and think we NEED to pay $5 a blade. Makes sense…right?

Well…not me. I’m done. I’m gonna find other options (like Dollar Shave Club) and see what else is out there. I don’t need 5 blades per razor. I don’t need all the aloe strips. I don’t need the vibrating handles and mustache trimmers. I just want to shave with a single blade that won’t cause excessive bleeding and won’t break my budget when I go to get a gallon of milk, a box of waffles and a pack of blades! C’mon Gillete! C’mon Schick! You know you’re gauging…so KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!!!

Here’s another great article if you’re interested (which I imagine you’re not but I thought this post was funny anyways…).

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