The End Of Days Or Forward Progress? I Vote The Latter…

So yesterday, November 6, 2012, our nation took to the voting booths and stations around this great nation of ours and, when the tally was complete, we…as a people…had re-elected President Obama to his 2nd term as our leader.

Or had we?

Because according to many of my friends in the Facebook world, you would have thought the end was near and God himself was ready to strike our entire country down with lightning bolts and fiery brimstone at the notion that a DEMOCRAT could be elected TWICE to the highest post in nation?!?!

Oh the shame! Oh the horror! We must ALL pray that we survive another 4 years of such debauchery and socialism! This MUST be a mistake! The polls must have broken or there are some hanging chad’s that have yet to be counted or SOMETHING because there is no way that we…as a UNITED people…would EVER re-elect President Barack Obama to ANOTHER 4 years?!?!

Well…ya know what? We did. Granted…it WAS a close race and to be honest, I have to at least mention that I wasn’t quite as ready to give the Obama team my vote as quickly as the first time. In the end though, after all of the negative ads, the slanderous accusations, the ridiculous amount of erroneous sources and all the flip-flopping, my choice seemed fairly easy to make. To me, Mitt Romney is a salesman, a guy who knows how to make a pitch. I have to imagine that he never had to deal with the amount of scrutiny that he has had in this election. I watched the third debate as he stumbled and bumbled his way through discussions of foreign policy, consistently agreed with most of the work Obama had done in several areas involving foreign relations and then watched as Obama bitch slapped him when he made notion of the idea that our naval military isn’t as large as it was back in 1917 (in one of the more memorable moments that came from the debates this season, Obama countered with the response, “We also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military has changed”).

Looking back on the past 4 years, I can say that I have been fortunate. I have been successful and my family has been healthy. I’m middle-class all the way and despite the fact that I haven’t been lucky (or smart) enough to sock away millions of dollars annually, I’m getting by. Most of my family seems to have been quite happy with the Obama Presidency. I am a fan of the Obama health care plan (as long as there are safeguards in place that don’t allow it to be abused), in favor of marriage for any couple that decides they love each other enough to make the commitment and 100% against government telling any woman what she can or can’t do with her own body. So on those issues alone, Obama was a clear choice. Romney came across to me as a sham man. He would say one thing one day and contradict himself the next. There were no straight answers and very little sense of accuracy in most of his claims that could have swayed me to back him in this election. Obviously there are those who are very unhappy with almost anything that Obama has done and all I can say to that is that they are apparently in the minority. Not that I’m throwing away all of the points that the Romney camp has brought to light, but I simply feel that Obama is the best man for the direction I want our country to go in.

So we have 4 more years of President Obama. We have 4 more years of putting his plan into effect. Despite what some of my Facebook friends may feel, I do NOT believe he will knowingly plunge our country into a doomed economic apocalypse. I do NOT believe he is a socialist or a member of some unknown religious sect that will rape our women and pillage our country. We are well beyond that everyone and for those of you who are crying that President Obama is the reincarnation of evil, I offer this from a Facebook friend who I have NOT “unfriended” this election season…

“I know that a lot of friends are frustrated by the election and the results but you really need to think twice about some of the things that get posted because a lot of it is making some normally intelligent people sound really dumb…”

Amen to that, Randy! It’s time to move on and get to work! Our country IS great and despite the venomous political landscape, it is time for us to join together to attempt to make it better…if not for ourselves then for our children.

I am Alan and I support THAT message 100%!!!

And so does Big Bird.


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