Thanksgiving 2012 (Drake’s 1st!)

My favorite holiday. Period. And this year we had everyone at Mom & Dad’s to celebrate the stuffing of our faces! With this being cousin Drake’s first Turkey Day, we all had fun taking pictures and posing with him. I imagine as he gets older, he will look back on these pictures and think…”Man, everyone looked so YOUNG then!”

That “New Baby” smell!

CMON MOM! He’s got a camera!!!

Aunt RuthAnn put the fishing rod away for a few days to visit! (Frank is still cheesy.)

Kasey & Normandy were TOTALLY into watching football all day!

Wonder who gave THIS to my Mom…?

I¬†seriously need to learn how to get rid of red-eye… (JK…I’m just lazy.)

The Kids Table

The eyes…the hair curl…Oh Mah GAWD!!!

Uncle Billy…uh…”carving?” one of the turkeys…

The desserts were YUMMY!

Dad had 2 helpings!


A few of the grandkids

Oh…for crying out loud…NO MORE PICTURES!

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