12/21/12…It’s THE END!


According to the Mayan calendar, today will be the last day of Earth. 5,125 years come to a close and apparently the Mayans have decided that…well…that’s all we get. HOW this ancient tribe seemingly knows the exact date is not important…what IS important is that we all have our survival gear all ready to go! So…I have packed a life raft, a shovel, some beef jerky and a 12-pack of soda and I’ll be hiding out in my garage all day with my family, our 2 dogs and 2 cats. Should be fun! Here’s hoping whatever happens I can update my Facebook status fast enough. I would hate for the world to end and not be able to fill you in on how it’s going down!

Best of luck and may we all find peace in the hereafter!


(until tomorrow)

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