My Top 10 of 2012


2012 was an AWESOME year for so many reasons! Of course there were the family reasons but this was also an excellent year for other reasons…including movies, music and fun! So here are my Top 10 Best Things About 2012. Here’s hoping 2013 is HALF the year 2012 was. Wait…strike that…here’s hoping that 2013 is BETTER than 2012…for EVERYONE!

10. Dublin, Ireland
I travel a lot but not normally overseas. This year I was lucky to get to visit Dublin, Ireland for work and it was a great experience! I got to see so much of the city and enjoyed riding the buses/trains/cabs to see some of the historic sites such as the Guinness factory and Kilmainham Gaol. It was a nice breakup from going to the same U.S. cities that I’ve already been to several times AND I got good miles out of it also!

9. The Constellations – “Do It For Free”
My favorite album of 2012. I can’t say that this year will go down as my favorite year musically but I CAN say that this album has so many top notch songs on it that I burned it out listening to each track over & over & over again. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, I thoroughly enjoy their blues/pop/soul sound and I had this one on repeat most of the summer. Check out these tracks to get a good feel for their sound: “Black Cat,” “Hallelujah,” “The Ol’ Speakeasy”

8. Philo Class of 1987 25th Reunion
It’s ALWAYS fun seeing friends, but this year’s class reunion was more than just a “fun time.”…it was literally like being 17 again! We stayed out late, hung out til dawn and relived the glory days for a single evening. I can say that Facebook has brought many of us together again but it’s the reunions that bring our friendships back to life! I can’t wait to see everyone again in 2017! But next time…I dunno if I wanna stay out til 6am. I’m thinking THOSE days might be over…LOL!

7. Top 5 Singles of the Year
I’m struggling with my favorite song of the year. There are a FLOOD of really good singles out there but albums (or complete bodies of listenable work) have become scarcer to come by. If I WERE to narrow it down…these are my Top 5 favorites singles of 2012 (but not necessarily in this order):

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – “Roulette”
Morning Parade – “Under The Stars”
Taylor Swift – “State of Grace”
The Constellations – “Black Cat”
Robert Francis – “Perfectly Yours”

6. Fantasy Football
Nothing consumed more of my time than my new found interest in fantasy football this year. From the moment I was asked to join during baseball season to the final weekend, I was obsessed with finding the right mix of waiver wire finds to match with my “go-to” players to try to win from week-to-week. I ended the season 6-7 BUT I made the playoffs! It’s been a lot of fun and considering my interest in the NFL, I’m definitely gonna have to expand to a few more teams next year!

5. The Avengers
The only movie I HAD to see in a theater twice this year, Joss Whedon managed to bring together not only some strong actors but a strong group of CHARACTERS and make an honest-to-goodness amazing action flick. With so much going on, this could have been a mess but instead we got great writing, a great story AND some of the best action sequences of the year! Easily my favorite popcorn film of 2012! As of this posting, my 2nd favorite flick is the Bruce Willis thriller “Looper.” But there are MANY films I have yet to see that I HAVE to see that recently came out in theaters so….

4. Zip-lining
What a thrill to fly through the air over lakes and trees! Who knew it would be so much fun? This year, all of us in our little family gave it a go in Gatlinberg, TN and enjoyed it so much that we are DEFINITELY gonna do it again as soon as possible!

3. Homeland
I can’t remember being so drawn to a show EVER. As much as everyone tried to turn me onto other shows, I have a limited capacity for following storylines and having the time to actually watch several shows with my schedule but Steph & I MAKE time for this Showtime series. The writing is impeccable, the plot is perfectly convoluted and we HAD to know what was gonna happen to Brody in the end. The finale this season was PERFECT! I can’t wait til next season! A close second would be the AMC gorefest “The Walking Dead.”

2. Kitten
Another mouth to feed? Sure. But seriously…the most ridiculously cute kitten in the world has become a part of our family so quickly that it’s hard to deny that she was MEANT for our family. She may act like a dog at times but she’s all cat and she enjoys swatting at my feet under the covers, being held like a baby and torturing Hannah (our other cat). She’s perfect!

1. The 2012 Olympics
When I look back on this year, my hiring for the Wrestling events in London will be what I remember the most. I have heard so many people tell of their Olympic experiences and some of them are absolutely horrific with stories of long work hours and poor living conditions. In MY case, I can honestly say it was a work event of my lifetime. I enjoyed every part of it, from meeting people on the plane while heading to London to working or seeing gold medal events to my co-workers. The added trip to Stonehenge on a free afternoon was also an experience of a lifetime! I am proud to have been a part of the 2012 Olympics and it will always be an event that I will always remember it fondly!

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