The Cure Starts Now Gala 2013

Last night, Stephanie, Ava and I had the opportunity to join many influential people in a gala & auction to help benefit the cause against pediatric cancer. The charity is called “The Cure Starts Now” and I’ve written about it here a few times because of Steph’s involvement with the organization and because, quite frankly, it’s a wonderful cause. Started by Keith & Brooke Desserich in memory of their daughter, Elena, who was a victim of brain cancer at the age of 5, The Cure Starts Now is working toward being one of the premiere cancer research foundations in the country!

Last night at the Downtown Cincinnati Convention Center, hundreds of people showed up to bid on auction items, enjoy some food and drinks and to participate in one of the biggest galas yet in order to fight against the terrible disease that affects thousands of children every year. Below are some photos of the night. If you wish to donate to such a worthy cause and would also like to be a part of the fight against pediatric cancers, please visit The Cure Starts Now website and feel free to donate. There isn’t a better cause than the fight against cancer. Let’s work to save all of the children who are dying from various cancerous diseases…shall we?

20130505-082943.jpgKeith Desserich addresses the audience


20130505-083117.jpgAn auction item from the Beechwood Tigers families

20130505-083242.jpgAva had a few items she wanted to bid on!

20130505-083339.jpgCoolest Auction Item Of The Night? An opportunity to see Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon in person next month!



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