Searching For The Sweet Spot


If you’ve ever played sports, you know what I’m talking about when I mention “The Sweet Spot.” In baseball, it’s that place on the bat where, once the ball hits it, you know it’s out of the park. In basketball, it’s the place on the court where you can’t miss. In football…uh….well…I dunno what sweet spot means for football. I imagine there are plenty of sports that coin the term “sweet spot” into the vernacular and so you get the idea. But in life, where is YOUR sweet spot.

Every year, I get crazy busy from February through most of April into May. Every year, I find myself running from place to place, airport to airport, location to location, hotel to hotel, and every year, sometime in May, it comes to a screeching halt and then? I find myself in a state of panic. NO MORE WORK??? NO MORE RUNNING? WHAT DO I DO WITH MYSELF???

Well…I look for my sweet spot.

It’s hard to explain because honestly? I’m not sure if even I understand my mindset. It’s not easy going from mach 5 to a screeching halt. It’s kind of disconcerting actually and so when I do find that I have downtime, and I do find that I can sit back and relax a little bit, you’ll have to pardon me if I feel a little puckered. I’m a little edgy at first, not really sure of my state. This week, I had some house stuff to get done, a little bit of organizing to do and a visit to the doctor that kept me busy. The idea of feeling better has been on my mind quite a bit lately. The pain radiating down my leg has been a constant irritation for over a month now and it was time to get it fixed. Yesterday I went in for a spinal steroid injection. It was painful and not a pleasant experience. But immediately following, I had a moment of clarity.

I need to get healthy in not only a physical way, but a mental way as well. Every year I do this to myself where I come off the road and I’m more mentally exhausted than I am physically. The physical part of it I get. I mean…I’m a big SEE FOOD guy. If I see it, I eat it. This, obviously, is NOT the best way to stay healthy. I’m not a gym rat. I tried that and hated it. I can’t play basketball anymore due to this nagging back issue, so I have that I’m dealing with. So I have to find something that works for me to help me get into a little bit of shape. I figure I’m 44. I’m not dead yet. I need to start thinking of my body as more of a temple than a bottomless food pit.

The MENTAL aspect of not working every day in some way is more of a drag than I probably let people believe. I go from place to place, work, work, work, and never seem to stop. Last year was even worse for that. Between 2 football games a week for NFL Net and CBS, my entire fall and winter months are a complete blur. Basketball season is always a busy time and then you get into the NCAA tournament, add in some golf events, throw in some baseball games and VOILA! I just blew through 8 months of my life and my head is on fire. Granted, I did take a 5 day respite in Destin for some fun time with the family and our friends, but even that seemed rushed considered I had that sandwiched between the NCAA semifinals and the Masters, 2 HUGE events where there is probably more pressure there than I lead everyone to believe.

So now I’m sitting on my back porch. Yesterday I got the epidural and my back is feeling MUCH better (thank you) and I took a long walk with Stella this morning, rocked some 80’s tunes in my ear buds and I am trying to find my sweet spot. There’s a cool breeze, the sun is smiling and life has slowed down a little bit. It’s nice to just sit and watch the planes fly overhead, listen to the birds and think about nothing, if only for a few minutes. Clarity is not something that comes easily to me. Most of the time, my head is a jumbled mess of directions and numbers and worry. But for today, I’m letting that all go. Today I have found a sweet spot and I think I’m just gonna sit here and soak that up.

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