Ohio University Zanesville TCOM Department: Some Things Never Change.

About 100 years ago, I was a student at Ohio University Zanesville. The years were 1987 & ’88 and despite my age, I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do with my life. And that was be the fry guy at McDonalds. My OTHER goal was to be a radio DJ. From there, I had no clue what I was doing. But I figured it out in those 2 years that I spent at OUZ. It’s hard to imagine 2 years of my short 44 that were more influential in my life. In those 2 years, I met some of my best friends, I learned a lot about myself, my abilities and what would become my future.

During those 2 years, I spent a lot of time hanging out at the college, whether in the lobby, classroom or in the production studios. Often times, I would find myself with a group of friends, hanging out in the radio production booth, listening to records and just enjoying the free time that I had. Obviously, as life goes on, “just hanging out” time seems to be in the distant past and so today I decided to go back to OUZ while I was in my hometown to see how much things had changed and you know what? They hadn’t changed all that much.

Oh…there was a computer room with editing stations that had taken the place of where the old WOUZ radio station used to be, but that was about it. The old production studios are still intact and the tv studio is still there. A lot of memories came rushing back as I chatted with one of the professors who was in doing some extra work for his classes. I’d like to thank Mr. Savage for giving me a tour (I’m sure he probably thought I was a nut job at first, as I was wandering around the deserted hallways on a Thursday afternoon) and listening to me reminisce about my college days. We both share a love of music (he teaches a class on rock n roll this summer which seems like a dream job to me) and he walked me from studio to studio, chuckling every time I had a story about each piece of equipment. It’s pretty cool that things aren’t much different from when I was there however I was also a little sad. With so many changes in technology, I would have thought certain things would have been different by now but that’s not for me to say, I suppose. For an hour or so I was transported back in time and it was certainly a trip down memory lane.

20130530-181042.jpgThe old album stacks. Vinyl is COMING BACK!!!

20130530-181135.jpgThe old recording booth where we would spend so much time

20130530-181222.jpgThe television production studio cameras

20130530-181337.jpgThe Control Room

20130530-181407.jpgA Grass Valley Switcher from 1985

20130530-181539.jpgAn editing station…for reals.

20130530-181640.jpgDoes this picture make me look fat?

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