A Great Year At School

<20130601-085409.jpgLast Day at school!

So the school year has ended and summer has begun. With summer comes fun afternoons at the pool, baseball games and hanging out time with friends & family. But before we get into the heat of June, I’d like to take a moment and note some of the accolades my kids received at school this year.

Firstly, Christopher had a great year as he posted all A’s & B’s and received a certificate and a pin rewarding him for his achievements. He also was also the recipient of citizenship award. Despite the fact that I’m not exactly sure what the award means, I imagine it is in recognition of Fer’s happy demeanor and love of all of his classmates.

Secondly, Ava did excellent this year as well and is TOTALLY looking forward to the challenges of 4th grade! She received an award for her creative writing skill (which she obviously got from her father’s side) and, despite not having an A-F grading system in her grade level, she managed to squeak by with an excellent report card. I had to chuckle at her award simply because she displays so much interest in not only writing but the arts as well and can be found constantly drawing and coloring! I see her as a young Picasso….with a touch of Van Gogh.
Congratulations to both of my kids for a job well done this year! I always tell them…they only have 1 responsibility and that’s to get good grades. They accomplished that and much more this year. I am extremely proud of them both! 🙂

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