One Season Ends, The Other Begins!

On Wednesday, Christopher was riding high with a 3 inning, 2-runs allowed pitching effort against the Cincinnati Riverhawks as the Bulldogs won 7-2 on a really tiny field. He also managed a walk and a run in one of his 2 at-bats and has been swinging the bat really well here lately. Unfortunately, on Thursday morning he had a doctor appointment for some pain he’s been having with his foot and now? His baseball season is over, cut short with a bad case of Sever’s Disease. Is it life threatening? No. But is it irritating to have 3 weeks of your summer break stuck on the couch? Yes. And so…with that, Fer is now laid up while the irritation in his foot heals itself.20130614-091626.jpg

On the flip side, Ava is beginning a new sport as she joined the Beechwood Swim Club 8U swim team this summer. The ‘Cudas have only been practicing for 2 weeks and last night they had their first meet at Bluegrass Swim Club. Ava swam in 4 heats where she did well in all of them considering she is a first-timer! The highlight was her big win in her favorite form, the breast stroke, where she beat 3 other girls and won the gold! Oh wait…no gold medals THIS time. But we are looking forward to seeing her competitive nature shine in later meets. When I told her she had come in last in the freestyle, she was not happy. I think we might have a swimmer on our hands here! 🙂

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