A Fleeting Glance

11:07am on Monday, August 6th. I am mowing the front yard when Christopher comes out of the garage with his bike. I’m less than 5 hours from boarding a plane and being gone for almost 2 weeks. This past weekend we had a birthday party for Ava, went to a Maroon 5 & Kelly Clarkson concert and spent a better half of the weekend at sporting events, whether it was Christopher’s baseball tryouts or me working Reds baseball games. Oh…and there was a Spartans scrimmage. Either way, the weekend was busy. Today…I have a laundry list to get done before I leave and so I’m a little frantic (which I tend to be on travel days).

Where was I?

Oh yeah…11:07am.

Christopher is wheeling his bike to the curb.

“What time are you leaving dad?”

“My plane leaves at 3:30 and your mom is taking me to the airport around 2:15. You going to go with us?”

“Yeah. What time do you want me home?”

“How about 1?”

“Okay. Sounds good. I’m going riding with my friends. See you around 1! Love you dad!”

“Love you too buddy. Have fun!”

And with that, he was gone. I watched as he headed up our street, towards the incline. As a car approached, he pulled over to the curb to let it pass. Then, after cautiously checking both ways, he started petaling. But just as he was about to drive up the hill and out of my sight, he turned to look back. I don’t know if he was checking for cars or if he meant to look back at me but I saw him look at me and wave…and then he was gone.

This past weekend my daughter turned 9. She is sitting and applying makeup as I type this. They are both growing up so fast and I can’t stop it. It’s little moments like this that will forever be burned into my brain and for that I am grateful. I don’t get a lot of time with my kids. With work and travel and home responsibilities and practices and social time, there is so much to do, some of the little things sometimes get swept into the cracks of time. But not this one. This one I will never forget.

I love you buddy. I know you’re getting big but thank you for looking back every now and then and waving at me. You have no idea how much it means.


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1 Response to A Fleeting Glance

  1. tvcameraguy says:

    Well put my friend, life is just a collection of moments. Hopefully more like the one you describe than the bad ones. Thanks for reminding me to give my kids a little extra time when I can. Just one last thing I think what was important in your post and not mentioned is the fact you were watching, had you been to busy to look up you might have missed that moment. So well done, you just defined the difference between a father and a Dad.

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