Christopher’s 1st Concert


Recently I took Ava to see the Go-Go’s and the B-52’s for her first concert-going experience. For Christopher, I had to make sure it was an act that we could ALL enjoy and so I managed to get my paws on tickets to see the hottest act out there right now, Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson. Between the 2, I imagine they’ve had possibly 10 or so #1 hits and are currently in the top 25 of the pop charts with “Love Somebody” and “Catch My Breath.” Needless to say, we ALL enjoyed the show and sitting in the 5th row, dead center always helps!

My personal favorite moments? I really liked Kelly’s rocked out rendition of her country-ish single, “Tie It Up.” She seems like a really personable woman and she seemed to be having a lot of fun, despite the fact that her outfits seemed ill conceived for the summer heat. As for Maroon 5? That band can really put on a show and frontman, Adam Levine, had my daughter and her friend in an uproar. I dunno if I’m comfortable with the kind of screaming and yelling that was taking place when he took off his shirt but I gotta tell ya…the guy CAN sing! Their rockin’ single “Lucky Strike” was my favorite of the night but their off-the-cuff version of “Get Lucky” and Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” was pretty sweet also!

When it was all said and done, we walked out of there with a pretty cool memory of a great show and Ava & Megan managed to corral one of the glow-in-the-dark beachballs that were kicked out into the crowd. Christopher SAYS he enjoyed the show however, as we were walking in, the sign outside Riverbend announced that Lil Wayne would be in town this week and I think he was more interested in possibly going to see THAT show than the one we were at. But he said he had fun and would like to go to a concert again someday. Somehow…I think I can make that happen…but probably not to see Lil Wayne…








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