14 Years Later…

Honeymoon 1

This week, Stephanie & I are celebrating our 18th year of togetherness, 14 of them in wedlock. It seems like only yesterday when I was walking through the WLWT newsroom to be introduced to my new producer. Although she doesn’t believe me, I DO remember that day. I remember the first time I saw her standing at the assignment desk. I don’t recall what she was wearing but I remember being introduced to her and thinking to myself that she was a very attractive woman. Little did I know that from that day forward she would be a huge part of my life and what a ride it’s been to this point! If life is a highway, then Stephanie & I are cruising right along, heading into a beautiful sunset, the windows are down and the music is blasting something from the 80’s that she can’t stand…aaaaaaand now she just turned it off.

Oh well. Marriage can be like that sometimes.  🙂

Nevertheless…life IS wonderful and being married has had its challenges at times however we seem to be figuring out how to do this very nicely, thank you very much.

To the woman I married 14 years ago….thank you so much for being the best partner a guy like me could ask for. You make me a better person and I am very fortunate to have you in my life. I love you sweetie!

20140616-204316-74596922.jpg Halloween 2005 044 March 2006 065 Kill Devil Hills_2008 105 Ruth Ann's Wedding (169) IMG_0931

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2 Responses to 14 Years Later…

  1. Ken Budd says:

    Alan & his Better Half:

    Congratulations on your 14 years of marriage plus 4 year courtship……..yes the right woman can and usually does make us better men……..enjoy the sunsets but first enjoy the youngsters last years of high school and then look out as the down hill ride gets to going like a good Cedar Point coaster…..Hold on!!!!!!!!! and enjoy!!!!!!!!

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