The Teenage Years Are Upon Us


Well…it had to happen eventually. Today, my first born turns 13. THIRTEEN. This obviously means that we will now have an entirely new slate of things to worry about. Funny…when you have a baby, everyone remarks at how fast time flies. It is 100% true. One minute they’re crawling around on the floor, the next he’s…well…a TEENAGER?!?! The Doodle has grown up to be a well-rounded young man and I can’t wait to see what the next few years brings him. Heading into his teenage years, he has grown into his own and is everything I could hope for in a son. He makes me proud and despite the fact that I am constantly on him for being…well…a teenage boy (which means occasionally lazy, somewhat slobbish, absent-minded, etc), he really is growing up to be a great young man.

Happy Birthday Fer! We love you and may this birthday be one to remember!!!

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1 Response to The Teenage Years Are Upon Us

  1. katelaine says:

    What the what!! Teenager??!! Happy Birthday Christopher! We love you!!!

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