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Every now & then I get into a discussion with my kids and feel the urge to share it with my Facebook friends. A friend recommended that I write them down and put them in a book. While this SOUNDS like a good idea, I don’t know that most of our conversations are worth writing about. But the few we HAVE had that I’ve shared are quite memorable! So I went back through some of them and figured I would share them here and maybe someday, my kids will read this and say to themselves, “Did I say THAT?” LOL

While listening to Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” on the radio…
Me: “This song reminds me of my first kiss.”
Ava: “Really? Who was it?”
Me: “A girl I met while on vacation in Florida.”
Ava: “What was her name?”
Me: “Skye.”
Ava: “Does mom know that this song reminds you of another woman?”
Me: “Not that I’m aware. I was pretty young when it happened and I doubt she’d care. Besides…I have lots of songs that remind me of your mom.”
Ava: “Like what?”
Me: “Well….actually most of them are from when we first started dating…”
Ava: “Like ‘Uptown Funk?'”
Me: “Um….no. Not ‘Uptown Funk.’ But if your mom asks, you can TOTALLY tell her that ‘Uptown Funk’ reminds me of her.”

Me: “Ava…how many names have we given Christopher through the years?”
Ava: “Let’s see…Christopher, Chris, Fer, Ferby…”
Me: “Doodle, Dude, Gung-gung (Ava’s baby name for him)…”
Ava: (straight-faced) “Luis.”
Hysterical laughter ensues.

Ava: “I woke up at 6:30 this morning.”
Me: “Why?”
Ava: “There was a bright light shining in my eyes.”
Me: “Did your brother turn on the hallway light?”
Ava: “No.”
Me: “Did your mom turn on your bedroom light?”
Ava: “No Dad. The SUN was shining in my window…at 6:30 IN THE MORNING!?!?”
Me: (laughing) “Well…it IS almost summer, I suppose.”
Ava: “Well…summer is ruining my sleep time…”

Tonight at dinner, my daughter thought she was being sly…
Me: “Ava…eat your dinner.”
Ava: “You gave me too much pasta.”
Me: “Ok then…eat the green beans and drink your milk and then you can be done.”
Ava: “What green beans?”
Me: “The ones that are buried UNDER your pasta.”
Ava: (blank stare at me) “But….how did you know?”

While riding in the car, Ava begins turning around quickly over & over again.
Me: “What in the world are you doing?”
Ava: “It says objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. I was just checking.”

On the way home tonight, Jason Derulo’s new song “Talk Dirty To Me” comes on the radio. I quickly try to change the channel but Ava stops me…
Ava: “But dad! I like that song!”
Me: “It’s AWFUL!”
Ava: “No it’s not! And I like the video.”
Me (not wanting to know but having to ask): “What is the video about?”
Ava: “It’s about the world and other nationalities and stuff. It’s cool!”
Me: “Really? That’s it?”
Ava: “And twerking.”
Me: “Great.”

Lady Gaga’s “Do What You Want” comes on the radio…
Me: “I don’t like this song.” (As I reach to change the channel)
Ava: “Nooooo! I like it!”
Me: “Sorry…I hate it.”
Ava: (singing to song) “Do whatcha want with my body…”
Me: “Nope. Done.”
Click. Off.

When Stephanie went to wake Ava up this morning…
Mom: “Ava…time to get up. Look outside!”
Ava: “Why?”
Mom: “It snowed!”
Ava: “Yeah (looks out the window)…I’m not going out in THAT.” (Rolls over)

Me: “You got any homework tonight bud?”
Christopher: “No. I got most of it done at school.”
Me: “Cool.”
Christopher: “But I need you to check my English, Math, Science and Social Studies homework.”
Me: “How much do I get paid to do that?”
Christopher: “Nevermind. Mom will do it for free.”

Steph: “Can you kids leave us alone for a minute? Your dad & I need to talk.”
Me: “NO! Don’t leave! She wants to kill me!”
Christopher (seeing the look his mom is giving him): “Ok…love you guys. Nice knowing you Dad…”

While practicing her volleyball serve in the front yard…
Me: “Ava…I bet you a dollar you can’t hit the ball to me.”
Ava: “A dollar? Ok!”
She sets up, hits the ball and nails it far right, hitting our neighbors tree and ricochetting it directly to me.
Ava: “You owe me a dollar.”


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