Ribbons Galore


For the first time, after a couple years of horseback training, my daughter signed up to participate in a riding competition. It’s been a while coming and she’s not overly competitive so I was pleasantly surprised when she decided she wanted to do it. So…this past weekend, she hopped up on Cody and was signed up for 4 events with her stable, Lookout Hills. In the first event at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds in Paris, KY, she was surprised when she came in 3rd place in Open Trail Obstacle! Her first official event and she got a ribbon! She was VERY excited!!!

IMG_3809Up next was the 11 & Under Equitation competition. She was one of 3 riders and the other girls had more competition experience than she had but this didn’t deter Ava! She took the first place ribbon and a cash prize!

IMG_3808 Then she came in first for the Youth All Day Pleasure-Novice Rider and third for her final competition, 11 & Under On Flat Shod Walking! All in all, 4 ribbons for 4 events! Plus $45 and 2 $10 gift certificates at a local horse riding store!

Needless to say, we are all ecstatic and so proud of Ava! She has worked very hard at riding and training and her love of horses has been obvious since her first camp a few summers ago. As nervous as she was (and she was VERY nervous for several days leading up to the morning of the event), she came through with flying colors and did better than she could have dreamed! After her long day, she and her mom hopped back in the car, exhausted after so much activity.



We’d like to thank her trainer, Donna, for being so supportive and thank her friend and favorite horse, Cody, for being so awesome during her first riding competition! What a great day for both of them!





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