Super Bowl 50


Super Bowl

Another winter, another Super Bowl. This one was special though…because it was the 50th! Unlike last year’s football extravaganza, this one didn’t live up to the hype…unless you like defense. Because it was Denver’s defense that won the game this year, leading the Broncos to a 24-10 win over the upstart Panthers, a team that had made all the other NFC teams look like pee wee teams most of the season. Guess the AFC IS a little tougher defensively than the NFC. Anyway…I had a good game anyway for the NFL Network’s International Broadcast. I didn’t fall asleep at any time during the game and I managed to keep most of the downs correct. Here are a few shots of this year’s Super Bowl in Santa Clara, CA. A good time was had by all…



In front of the stadium


Let’s kickoff!


I had my crew sign this football. Maybe someday I’ll get Peyton to sign it? Who knows?


Oh look! The Broncos brought their horse!


By my lonesome…15 minutes before air!?!?


Lady Gaga KILLED the National Anthem! And I mean that in a good way.


Bruno Mars during his rehearsal


Levi’s Stadium


Panthers photo session, the day before the game. Last year I was on the field when the Seahawks were getting their team photo. BOTH teams lost. Just sayin’…


On the field after the game, Aqib Talib is shaking hands, NOT tearing off helmets…


It was a little crazier than this maybe 10 minutes prior to me taking this picture…


Me. In an empty stadium. Again.

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