Northern Iowa Feels The Madness


Working in Oklahoma City for the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, I had the chance to witness what has got to go down as the most insane 2 games ever played by a single team in the history of the sport of basketball. Seriously…you can’t write a script like this! I’m going to throw some links on here because honestly, what I’m about to write will not do this justice.

Friday March 18th – 1st Round – 11 Northern Iowa vs 6 Texas

Tie game. Northern Iowa has the ball out of bounds under Texas’ basket. Senior guard Matt Bohanan inbounds the ball to senior guard Paul Jesperson with 2.7 seconds remaining in the game. Jesperson dribbles to his left and launches a beautiful half court shot that banks in off the backboard, giving the 11-seeded Panthers a big win at the buzzer over the Longhorns.


Saturday, March 20th – 2nd Round – 11 Northern Iowa vs 3 Texas A&M

:44 seconds remaining in the game. Northern Iowa up by 12 points. Game is pretty much over…right? But with their senior scoring leader, Wes Washpun, on the bench and Bohanan out with a leg injury, the wheels fell off. The Aggies scored 14 points to the Panther’s 2 to send the game into OT twice before finally beating them, 92-88. Never in the history of the NCAA Tournament has a team been down by 12 points with under a minute to play and won. It was unbelievable to watch and I’m pretty sure it was the most unfathomable 2 days of a tournament for one single team EVER.

Gotta love the Madness…

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