2 Concerts In A Week


I love music but it has been a long time since I’ve been to 2 concerts in 1 week. This week, not only did I attend 2 concerts, but I can say that neither of them were concerts I would have expected to find myself at. On Wednesday, Stephanie & I joined our friends, Jennie & Robert, for my very first country concert at Riverbend Coliseum. The Dixie Chicks have taken their act out on the road after a hiatus and returned for the first leg of their DCX tour here in Cincinnati. Although I’m not a super fan like some of the people who were there, I definitely appreciate their style and all 3 of them were very entertaining! I would see them again someday, I think. Minus the rain that fell on us early on in the evening though…LOL! My favorite moment? When the Chicks sang “Ready To Run” with the video on the backdrop showing all of the Presidential candidates in various stages of buffoonery. It was hysterical and, despite not really throwing out the political barbs that they have been known to do in the past, it really showed that the Chicks aren’t so far gone that they won’t show their true colors!


My second show of the week came about totally on a whim. I happened to be listening to the radio on Friday and overheard a commercial advertising that Selena Gomez was in town on Sunday. I haven’t been to a pop concert since seeing Madonna back in the late 90’s so I thought maybe Ava would want to go. As it turned out, so did Stephanie and Ava’s friend Megan. So…we went! There were 2 opening acts, one was an artist I had never heard of named Be a Miller. She did maybe 5 of her songs and I imagine she probably has some fans out there but honestly…her backing band was so loud I could barely hear her. Following her was DNCE, the band led by Joe Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers. With their hit songs “Cake By The Ocean” and “Toothbrush” lighting up the airwaves, it was no surprise that the crowd really got into this pop/dance band. I personally think they would be a LOT better if they added some horns to their mix. A sweet sax would make their sound all that much better but they had high energy and I liked that they seemed very confident onstage. And their bassist, Cole Whittle, was INSANE as he did his best Flea act, wearing a goofy outfit and flailing all over the stage. Overall, I can’t say that I need to ever see them again, but for the hour that they played I was entertained…especially when Jonas decided to go running up into the audience to sing from the an empty section of U.S. Bank Arena.


Soon…how about the main act? Well…first let me tell you…there ain’t nobody out there who has hair quite like Selena Gomez. Sponsored (wisely) by Pantene hair products, this girl has got it GOING ON when it comes down to a great mane! It was blowing all over the place and honestly? It was kind of distracting after a while. I mean…I couldn’t take my eyes off it!!! But that being what it is…overall I really enjoyed the show. I don’t really know how much singing she did (because there IS a backing track so when she was singing and when it was playing is hard to say), but with the excellent staging and the amazing backing dancers always on stage, it was a smorgasbord of visual activity!

My favorite moment was when she sang her yet-to-be released song, “Feel Me.” If I had MY way, that song would be available on iTunes right now! It’s gonna be a hot single once they get it out there and it was cool hearing something I hadn’t heard on the radio yet. Check it out HERE!

Up next…Ava and I have a trip to Cleveland and a date with Journey & The Doobie Brothers. Looking at the Riverbed schedule, I may find myself at some other shows this summer however 2 in one week? Yeah…that probably won’t happen again…LOL



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