Do You Remember That Time When We Were…?


The other day, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it made me think. Years from now, maybe once my kids have grown and are having their own kids and I’ve retired and my co-workers have gone on to do amazing things and all of my grade school, high school and college friends are sitting around chatting about “the good ol’ days,” how will I be remembered? Not that it’s all that important really, because it’s not. I truly believe that you live your life on your own merit and what people think of you in the long run has no bearing on who you are or who you were. But with that being said, men and women far greater than I have done their best in life to warrant buildings and monuments and statues be erected in their honor. I am certainly not of stature to ever receive my own statue. Obviously THAT honor is reserved for people who make millions of dollars and play sports for a living.

No…I won’t be getting my own parade nor do I really want one.

But still. I DO wonder…what do YOU remember about me? I know I have memories, hundreds of them, tucked back into the corners of my mind (cue the Elvis track now). Many times I find myself listening to Sirius radio and a song comes on and immediately it triggers a time with someone. Maybe you and I were in high school and “Danger Zone” came on the radio and the next minute…we’re zipping down Maple in the ol’ red VW bug (Chuck). Or maybe it’s a ballad from the early 80’s like Spandau Ballet’s “True,” which reminds me of my very first dance with a classmate (Audrey). Or maybe it’s anything by Guns N Roses (Mandy). Maybe it’s a rock song that we played in heavy rotation at ACRN back at my college days (there are too many to note however they would include memories of Will and Tommy and Kelly and Greg and Ben and Matt and a slew of others). Maybe it’s a rap song by Run DMC and it reminds me of the time I drove you to get their cassette because you had to have it NOW and I had the time (Darcy). Maybe it’s a disco song by Abba that was playing in the background at a party where I watched you from across the room and I knew I was in love (Stephanie). Pretty much ANY song by Patsy Cline reminds me of my Mom. The Violent Femmes remind me of John. Most Prince songs make me think of Eric. R. Kelly’s “Ignition” reminds me of Meko & Donna. If a Pearl Jam song comes on, I immediately think of Steve McBroom (who passed a few years back) and my friend, Brad The New Guy (and yes…I DO know his last name but he was given that name as a part of our crew and so…that is how he will forever be known). So much of my life is attached to music. I think that is why this post stuck with me.

So…out of curiosity…is there a memory YOU have of me that is music related? When a song comes on the radio, does it trigger some moment that you and I had? It could be anything. I know I listen to a LOT of music. Some you may love, some you may not care for. Maybe it’s a song that I can’t stand and have mentioned it and now you will always think of me when that song is played (anything by Drake…my son). Either way…I’m curious. Please feel free to respond. I’d love to hear the story!

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