Today Is A Great Day…Period.


After spending the last 6 months in the hospital or rehab, today is the day. Today at 8:45am, my Mom returned to her home and now everyone in my family can breath a sigh of relief. What that woman has been through over the last 177 days is remarkable. I’ve seen her near death…TWICE…myself. Her body fought against her. Her kidneys, lungs, pancreas, you name it…they ALL wanted to quit. My Mom fought harder than I’ve ever seen anyone fight before and here she is.

I realize that there’s a Game 7 in the World Series tonight. It’s a game no one ever thought they would see in their lifetime…Cubs vs Indians. It’s been EPIC! But honestly? THIS is MY World Series championship. Nothing compares.


There’s nothing more impressive than someone who goes against the odds and fights and battles and makes it. Someone has the strength to say, “I know the odds are against me but screw it…I’m ALL IN!” And that’s what my Mom did.

5 months ago, as she was laying in her hospital bed with tubes sticking out of her mouth, nose, arms and God knows where else, I looked into her eyes and, without speaking a word, I saw that she wasn’t ready to go. She wasn’t ready. And dammit if she didn’t do exactly what she set out to do.

Unbelievable is what it is. And I couldn’t be more proud that my kids got to see someone go through what she did and survive. Now they know. Now…later in life….when the shit hits the fan and they think they can’t survive, they’ll know. It ain’t over till it’s over. Keep the faith, pray and fight. That’s all you can do. Amazingly enough, sometimes those prayers are answered. Today they are.

I’d like to thank all my friends who texted, called, posted or just said a prayer for my Mom on their own. Trust me…they were ALL appreciated!

And a HUGE thanks to the Big Guy upstairs. You rock!!! You answered every prayer that we sent your way and then some! And I can’t thank you enough! But now…I’ve got more to ask. You helped us but now I’ve got 2 neighbors here in the Bubble who need your help. My Mom can take it from here. Please go give Madison and Margaret all of your attention. They need you more than ever! Two of the nicest people you’ll eve meet and they are at a threshold. Be kind and help them as much as you helped my Mom please. Please give them strength and courage to fight on!

Today is a great day. God is with us and he is lighting the way. Peace, my friends. Stay strong and be positive. Amazingly enough…sometimes that’s all you can do and ya know what? Sometimes it really works!


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