Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. II


It’s been a long time since I reviewed a movie. There are a few reasons for that. Firstly…I’ve been busy and if I’m gonna write…I’d prefer to write about something important about my family or friends or something. Secondly…there haven’t been a lot of movies that I really care to write about. Thirdly…well…that’s really about it. I love movies and for me to take the time to write about them they better be WORTH the time…ya know?

Which brings me to THIS film. Going on record here…I, like a gazillion other moviegoers, LOVED the original GOTG. It was everything you want in a scifi, Marvel event movie. It had action. It had romance (kinda). It had humor. It was everything a popcorn movie should be and it was magnificent!

Cut to a couple years later and now you have the sequel. Look…we all know the rulebook says the second one should NEVER be as good as the first one…right? Well…except for “Aliens.” And “Terminator 2.” Oh…and “The Empire Strikes Back.” Well…THAT one is arguable. Aaaaanyway…I am so VERY happy to report that the sequel to GOTG isn’t just a return to the original. It expands and enhances. It’s hysterically funny in places. It’s action-packed! It has awesome new characters and it has storylines that blend well together, never leaving a character behind (which is difficult to do in a movie with 5 or 6 “main” characters). I left the theater feeling enthralled, exasperated, exhilerated and, above all the other “E” adjectives…entertained! This was EXACTLY what I needed to kick off this upcoming summer of blockbusters! Seriously…it was the most fun I’ve had at a movie since….well…the first one probably.

I’m not giving anything away here. It’s not what I do. But I will do this….here is a list of my favorite characters in THIS installment of the GOTG universe…

  1. Yondu (Michael Rooker) takes his character to a new level in this one. I won’t say why but just know…he’s back and better than the first.
  2. Baby Groot. Seriously…the opening sequence is worth the price of admission.
  3. Ego The Living Planet (Kurt Russell) is, without a doubt, the biggest surprise of this movie.
  4. Drax (Dave Bautista) steals the entire first half of this movie. He’s HYSTERICAL!
  5. Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) & Gamora (Zoe Saldana) are the heart of this franchise and they don’t let us down here.
  6. Rocket. Seriously…you forget he’s a CGI character. He’s the Han Solo of this franchise and he makes every scene he’s in better.
  7. The 80’s references come fast & furious. Don’t blink! You might miss something!

Now…a few critical notes…


This movie is awesome! Go see it in a theater. Make it as BIG a screen as you can. Get some popcorn, a soda, maybe some candy, whatever and prepare yourself for over 2 hours of entertainment. Also…a quick note…this movie may be the most colorful movie I have seen since “The Wizard Of Oz.” An entire spectrum of color is thrown at the screen at all times and it is FANTASTIC! Kudos to the art & CGI department at Marvel. It is magnificent to look at!

Overall Rating: A+. An awesome start to the summer! Way to go Marvel!!!

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