St. Lucia 2017


This summer, I thought it would be fun to vote for our summer vacation getaway. So on a random afternoon, we picked our spot from 6 locations: Hawaii, Seattle, Los Angeles, Montana, Ft. Myers, FL, and the Caribbean. In a unanimous vote, we chose the Caribbean to be our destination! But that left me with some research to do because the Caribbean consists of several little islands and I didn’t have a lot of time. So…after doing a Google search on the world wide web, I discovered a great family resort on the same little island where Stephanie and I went for our honeymoon! St. Lucia is a tiny island on the southern part of the Caribbean. It’s beautiful there and so we were happy to return…although this time with out 2 kids along for the ride. The resort, Coconut Bay, is on the Atlantic side of the island and only a few minutes from the airport. The resort itself is awesome! Very relaxing, all-inclusive and a perfect spot for a family getaway. We did a lot of relaxing, a lot of swimming and made a couple trips away from the resort for fun! Here are some pictures from our trip! And if you are ever looking for a great family vacation spot….I recommend St. Lucia & Coconut Bay!

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