Top 10 Rules To Live By

I wouldn’t say I’ve been going around, willy-nilly, NOT following any rules. As anyone who knows me can attest, I ain’t crazy. I live my life the best I can and I try to be a good person. But sometimes I make bad decisions and sometimes I harp on things a little too much. That being said, I’ve decided to write down the Top 10 Rules that keep me on track. Lately I’ve been working on being a better me. It’s not an easy task. Even though I’m not an alcoholic or a drug addict or a compulsive liar, I have my moments where I’m not the best person I can be. I imagine we ALL have these moments and for me, it’s all about staying focused because there’s just so much crap out there that can permeate into your psyche and steal you away from who you are. So here are MY Top 10 Rules To Live By…

10. I Can’t Save Everyone From Themselves. The Best Thing I Can Do Is Save Myself
Seriously, no matter how hard I try, I can’t change anyone or the way they think. All I can do is make myself better. I truly believe that. And so, in the end, it’s best to do what is good for myself.

9. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
If I let every little teenie tiny roadblock that gets in my way stop me from accomplishing my goal, then what kind of person am I? It’s all about keeping things in perspective. One small step back can’t stop 2 big steps forward. So I’m trying not to worry about it and keep pushing forward.

8. Once My Bed Is Made, I Get To Lay In It
I am guilty of pointing fingers and blaming but the truth of the matter is…it’s not always someone else’s fault. Most of the time (and I would say probably 97%), it’s MY fault that things happen to me. So it’s my responsibility to accept my limitations and move on. And if I make a bad decision, so be it. I gotta learn from it and hope the negative experience teaches me a few things.

7. Expect Absolutely Nothing From Others. 
High expectations are often my downfall. Sometimes I expect so much out of everyone. But I’m starting to see that sometimes it’s best to approach everything from the opposite end…expect absolutely nothing. This way, I can build from the ground up and not from the top down. I find it’s more productive and it leaves me with a a greater satisfaction when my expectations are met or exceeded.

6. Don’t Talk Politics OR Religion With Anyone Other Than Family
Let’s face it…both are very touchy subjects and can bring a huge rift into relationships. Just agree to disagree and don’t even bother trying to change someone’s mind because, quite frankly, we all believe what we believe. Nothing you can do about it except move on and smile. It’s not worth fighting over.

5. Do Everything As Good As You Can Otherwise…What’s The Point?
This one is big for me because I sometimes approach home improvement tasks with such a negative attitude that I never get them done correctly. I’m always afraid of failure when it comes to doing just about anything around the house and I can never seem to get around that. So…I skimp on the details. It’s in those moments when I feel less confident that I really need to focus and work harder at learning the finer details. So many lessons, so little time…

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Anything
This is a very big world and sometimes I compartmentalize and want it to be so small but…it’s not. It’s HUGE with so much to see, so much to do. Some days I find myself simply wanting to curl up in my bed and not wanting to ever leave. But as I grow older, I never want to say I didn’t experience this life. I need to get out as much as possible; listen to my music louder, taste things I’ve never tasted and enjoy all that this world and my life offers.

3. Listen To Ferris
He might be only a high school kid (and a character in a movie), but he makes sense…“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while…you might miss it.” And that is the absolute truth. All I have to do is look at my kids to realize and understand this. One day they were babies and toddlers and the next? They’re driving my car and off to another social engagement. Stop and take it all in every once in a while. There is no need to be rushing around like a madman all the time. Enjoy some moments and put the phone away. Memories are important and not for everyone. Sometimes they’re for you and you alone. Keep them close to your heart and always remember them.

2. Love A Lot And Let Them Know
Recently I’ve had a lot of friends pass and it has affected me. People who have been friends for years and who I consider to be important in my life. Those people were not just passing by. They were integrated in my life. Once they are gone, they leave a hole. It’s important to tell those you love how important they are to you. You never know when it might be your last time seeing them or talking to them. Life can take some sudden, drastic turns. Don’t get caught thinking you have time. It doesn’t work that way…

1. Follow The Golden Rule
At its most basic, it’s the ONLY rule that truly needs to be followed. It’s not hard and it can get me so much farther than I probably imagine. “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” Pretty simple. And have I followed that rule my entire life? No. So now I put it at the top of my priority list where it belongs.

And with that…time to get out there and follow these 10 simple rules!

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1 Response to Top 10 Rules To Live By

  1. Whitney says:

    Good stuff Alan! Some simple reminders for us all.

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