A New Driver In The House


16 years I’ve been driving this kid around. When he was an infant, I strapped him into his car seat and listened to him screaming when we bought a new Ford Explorer (I wanted to pull the car over and leave him by the side of the road! Obviously that didn’t happen…) and as the years have gone by, I’ve driven him and his friends to wherever they’ve needed to be for whichever sport they happened to be playing. But THIS week? I lost that privilege. Fer is officially a driver out on the roads of Kentucky now…and my gut feeling is that he’s gonna be a good one! He is careful (at least when I’m in the car), drives responsibly and has a good sense of what is around him and what to watch for. Apparently he gets ALL of those attributes from me…because his mother is a terrible driver. (just kidding. But not really. But I am!)

Anyway…if ya see him out on the road give him a honk (because then he will think he’s done something wrong and that will totally drive him nuts!) and a wave! I’m proud of him and can’t decide if I’m happy that we now have another driver in the house (AND a new car insurance policy) or if I’m sad because now I’m needed even LESS than I already am. Either way…it’s a huge change in our household. Feels weird. And let the “Can I borrow some money for gas?” questions begin!

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