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Stella vs The Orka Stick

For Christmas, Stephanie bought both of our little dogs toys to celebrate the holiday season. They got doggie treats and some chew toys and both LOVED their gifts. Stella, however, loved hers a little too much. According to the packaging, … Continue reading

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“Fatal Attractions” vs “Skins”

MTV recently fired up a controversial show called “Skins,” which is an Americanized version of a similiar show that was produced in Britain (for crying out loud…can’t we come up with an original idea ourselves anymore???). I haven’t seen it … Continue reading

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“In & Out” VS “Five Guys” Hamburgers

Oh yeah…it’s the LONG awaited return of my “VS” series and this one is a BIGGIE! In the world of hamburgers, there is quite a long line of burger joints that will CLAIM to be the best in the world. … Continue reading

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Real Christmas Trees vs Fake Christmas Trees

Having been a staunch fake tree lover for many years, my wife and I went through a phase where we were buying real trees for about 5 or 6 years. Then, once we had Ava, we decided getting a fake … Continue reading

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Facebook vs Twitter

As all my friends (all 400+ of them. I’m still hunting down a few…but I swear I can’t remember anyone else…) can attest…I’m kind of a Facebook fanatic. I LOVE the Facebook and all it does. From allowing me to … Continue reading

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The B-52’s vs The Black Eyed Peas

Both are 4 person bands. One band got it’s start in Athens, Georgia back in the late 1970’s. The other hails from Los Angeles, California. One band is known for it’s outrageous beehive hairdos, the other for it’s colorful clothing … Continue reading

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Upward Cup vs Downward Cup

Tis the season! Football is right around the corner and Christopher is gonna be playing with the big boys! Well…big enough anyways. This year, my son, my little dude, will be playing in pee wee football! He is VERY excited … Continue reading

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Legos vs Polly Pockets

  Today my kids and I embarked on a dangerous adventure. Did we brave the wilds of Africa? No. Did we climb to the top of the highest mountain? No. Did we attempt to raft down a thunderous river? Nope. … Continue reading

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Type A vs Type B

A recent search on Wikipedia lists a Type A personality as “impatient, excessively time-conscious, insecure about their status, highly competitive, hostile and aggressive, and incapable of relaxation”. A Type B personality is “patient, relaxed, and easy-going”. This week, I am … Continue reading

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Rehab vs Sober

Does THIS look like a sober woman to you? I love me some pop tunage from time to time, and there are 2 songs on the radio recently that caught my sweet tooth. Pop bad girl, Pink, has a new … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift vs Carrie Underwood

In this corner…the blonde bombshell of the moment… One is the hot new chanteuse of the country music scene. The other is an American Idol winner whose last album has sold over 2 million copies and had 4 hit singles that went … Continue reading

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Britney vs Christina

Oh you know it! It’s ON! The first “vs” was so successful (Pink vs Rhianna), I figured I might as well try for repeat business! So the first singles from these former Mousketeers have dropped. Britney starts off with a … Continue reading

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Pink vs Rhianna

  Starring Pink as…The Heatmiser! Flipping through radio stations the other day (I forgot my IPod!!! Noooooooo!) and I hear the new Pink song come on one of the Pop stations. I like Pink. I’ve always thought she is a … Continue reading

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