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My New Nephew…(has got some serious hair!)

Little man. Brand new to the world and as happy as a little clam. And he has an amazing amount of hair! Seriously…I have never seen this much hair on a newborn in my entire life! And the funny thing … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways My Baby Sister’s Life Will Change

Today I was gonna go home to visit my family and see how large my sister has gotten. She is due in a couple of months or so to have her first child.  A little boy is on the way to … Continue reading

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How Does This Happen?!?!

Ah…the good old days…when I was thinner and she was unpregnant… I am the oldest of 6. And we have several kids between us. I have 2 kids. One of my siblings has 3 kids, another 2, another 1, another … Continue reading

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